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Textbox regular expressions


When defining a textbox with standard formlet, if the user set a Regular expressions it should be validated right there. See below a typical scenario:
  1. Create a new form
  2. Add a data connection
  3. Select a field (varchar)
  4. In Control type dropdown select Textbox
  5. In Regular Expression enter a regular expression
    Here should exists another textbox next to the regular expression textbox to enter a test string and a button ("Test") . As a feedback the application could show a message next to the "Test" linkbutton saying "Sucess" or "Invalid regex!". The control that should be fixed is the formlet textbox (DNNContentBuilder\UserControls\FieldControlsTextBoxDef.ascx.cs and its ascx file). Don't you forget that any message displayed should exist in the related resx file (localization support).